Round Dancing
(Cued Ballroom Dance) 
When did ballroom dancing get so easy?

International Round Dance Teachers Assn. Source for standardized cue sheets. Join as a non-teaching member and get access to their teaching materials.
Local (Sacramento and surrounding area) happenings. 
Although the names are similar, it is not related to this web site.
Great source for finding cue sheets and videos. Also links to other round dance websites.

Videos of newer dances by many choreographers, links to articles on the web.  No password required.  

With some lucky search words, you can find links to both square and round dance videos.

Videos by well known teachers demonstrating dances for lower level round dancers. 

Both classic and new dance videos. Password required.
Other Teachers 
Charlie & Joni Eskin
Dan & Allison Drumheller
Veronica Taylor
Win Robinson with Bob & Val
Kevin & Vicki Klein
Charles & Terri Bridges
Tom Kaiser
MaryAnn Callahan

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