Here's a sample easy waltz  "Silver & Gold", done at a recent dance party. Click the Video link above to see other rhythms.  

Round Dancing
When did ballroom dancing get so easy?
Smile at your partner, listen to the music, move your feet as directed - You're dancing!

Round dancing brings the sport/art of ballroom dance to a level we can all enjoy. All the steps are choreographed in advance. Both partners know what's coming, making it easier to lead and follow.     

While the music is playing, an instructor (cuer) voices the next steps. Each couple is performing the same steps to the same beat with their own touches of style and technique. You'll learn to waltz, rumba, cha, swing, and a lot more when you discover round dancing.  Plus, everything you learn can transfer to other dance venues.  

We've been teaching beginning and intermediate rounds in the Sacramento area for more than 20 years. Please contact us for more information on local round dance classes, including Roseville, Auburn, Fair Oaks, Citrus Hts, Folsom, Placerville, etc.  

Marie Hathaway & Gordon Sill
Members of Roundalab and ICBDA (International Choreographed Ballroom  Dance Assn.)

Sacramento Cued Ballroom Dance Club
Instructors: Dan & Allison Drumheller

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